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Discover how thousands of gift card holders get more with Giftomatic

Expired Gift card?

Don’t be sad! As of now even your expired gift cards have value.

Expected: March ’20

Unused gift card?

Do you own an unused gift card? Then use our Personal shopper service.

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Lifestyle gift card

Find the right product for your open loop gift card

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Expired gift card?

Did you find an expired gift card? You can claim a compensation by signing up for Giftomatic.

  • We accept all gift cards
  • Get a discount of £5,- to £25 in one of the participating webshops
  • You can use the compensation immediately

Personal shopper

Do you have a gift card, but no inspiration what to buy right now?

Then activate your Giftomatic Personal shopper.

  • Receive a monthly email with product suggestions
  • Prevent that you forget your gift card, which leads to expiration
  • Discover new products

Giftomatic app

Coming soon

With the Giftomatic app you can send a digital gift card and include a funny face-swap video.
  • Give a digital gift card via whatsapp or QR code
  • Choose your preferred amount
  • Make them laugh with a hilarious face-swap video!

Go Giftomatic!

Let Giftomatic be the helping hand for you (expired) gift cards

Frequently asked questions

Giftomatic is a new company, founded in 2019 in The Netherlands. The company is specialized in developing user friendly tools for shopping purposes.

Giftomatic works together with all major online webshops.

Want to know more? You can read the about page.


Giftomatic is free for consumers. Partners who benefit from the Giftomatic tools pay small commissions so we can keep buying coffees in the morning.

The Giftomatic app is currently only available in The Netherlands. The team is working hard to make it available in more countries.

Unfortunately we cannot communicate an ETA yet.

We believe going sustainable is the only way to go.

That’s why we bank at Bunq (a Dutch sustainable bank)

We use reusable Dopper bottles for our water

We eat fair trade chocolate of Tony

But most importantly is that we reduct the number of plastic cards because with the Giftomatic app you give in a digital way. Which is up to 300 times better for the environment according to a study by TU Delft.


Are you interested in learning more what we can do for your webshop? Or you gift card company?

We are happy to get in contact with you. Feel free to reach out via the contact form.